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Art of Birth 
Naolí Vinaver

Art of Birth Online
Resource Learning Center

The Resource learning center includes a  comprehensive, unique, ever expanding natural birth video library of 60+ time indexed topic videos enriched with detailed study materials, self-paced online programs & much more.



Physical Workshops
offered around the world 

Naolí's physical workshops offer an up-close, direct hands-on learning experience with Naolí on a wide number of topics including Rebozo for Birth, Challenging Births & much more.


Naolí's workshops and lectures are a complement to her"Art of Birth Online Resource Learning Center" which offers an intensive detailed resource for constant reference and study.

Naolí Vinaver

Naolí Vinaver is a Mexican midwife who combines traditional Mexican and contemporary home birth practices, with a profound respect for the physiology of natural birth, having attended over 1800 home births in both Mexico and Brazil.   Naolí is a passionate speaker & educator, teaching hundreds of workshops and seminars in over 30 countries around the world.

  • Global reference of Mexican Rebozo techniques since 1992

  • The inventor of Naolí's 10 original Rebozo Maneuvers

  • The inventor of the Natural Ultrasound technique in 1992

  • The author of many birth-related articles and books

  • The co-founder of AMA NASCER, a home birth midwifery group in Florianópolis, Brazil​  ​in 2014

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We are a multi-lingual platform with members of the "Art of Birth Resource Learning Center" from over 60 countries around the world.  Currently our videos and study materials are in English, Portuguese, French, & Spanish with more languages to come...

This is a live map showing pins for the many members from around the world.  Zoom in and check it out.

Andorra Angola Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belgium Bolivia Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Croatia

Czech Republic Dominican Republic Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Macau Mexico Morocco Mozambique Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Portugal Puerto Rico Réunion Russia​ Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay

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"The beauty of birth is its simplicity" 

Naolí Vinaver

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